Friday, April 24, 2015

the next time I reincarnate

I hope it will be in the ruins

of this bright 'new beginning'

launching in this present time

this alleged 'Golden Age'

of technology and expanded ethics

which are nothing more than

the old tyrannies of human nature

in shiny spiritual drag

where all one group can think of

is vengeance against the ones

who oppressed them previously

and now are having their noble self-righteous

posturing pass as 'justice'

perpetuating the same sins of hate and intolerance

as those who came before...

I want to come back after the assholes

of this current generation play their hands

and are as bereft as the oppressors who put them down

I want to come back to needle them

to be the same ersatz Jeremiah who curses them now

to thank them for dragging the rest of us into their holes

of hell which is just to show I'm no better than anyone else

I have my own path for which to atone

I have my own beef with God and God's miscreants

and whatever purity I can maintain

will save whatever righteousness there truly is

it simply is not for us to say

'love and do what you will and let God keep the books'

are any of us really ready for such responsibility?

it doesn't is thrush on us and it is ours to attend...

that's when I want to come forgive and heal or avenge and feel glad....

Content (c) 2008-2015 Philip Milito.

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