Friday, July 15, 2011

testament after testament affirms

people are sorry for all they've done

only because they couldn't get over

they failed and either blame someone else

or lie in drunken stupors concocting

revenge fantasies that would even strain Hollywood imaginations

and among those of us who played straight

and did the right thing

only to get done down by those with no contact with

what we used to call reality

we have no comfort in righteousness

no help from the One in which we wasted our faith

I'll let idler minds fret karma so they may

tie themselves tighter in their woven delusions

for they sit and speculate afraid to make any move at all

weary and wasted and tired of this

no one knows what will happen to any of us

any of us

no one knows what will happen to any of us

Content (c) 2008-2011 Philip Milito.

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