Sunday, August 29, 2010

it occurs to me that (re: previous post) that we do not

pay for sins onto the seventh generation

so much as we met ourselves in future incarnations

and those hardships we'll face at that time

are the karma we must pay for from this (and other) sojourns--

we are our own replacements and sadly

we will be 'duking out' all this in some form yet again--

but then earth was never our final destination

(except for those who have not allowed their spirits to evolve

and so will die away with the passing of

the conditioned reality of the created universe)

just passing through over and over

until we get it and no longer need to pass through--

until then see you somewhere down the line

like the Good Gay Blowhard put it...

(that is old Walt I'm talkin' ' know...

the only poet with a shopping mall named after him...)

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