Sunday, August 29, 2010

here in the former United States of America

politicians businessmen bankers corporate heads media-as-P.R.-reps-

for-the-Machine train each new generation of slack jawed morons

to acquiesce to submit to kill or be killed for the sake of pathological

delusions of God and country and to be controlled like zombies

to do the bidding of the long-foretold and finally arrived Big Brother

welcomed like a lost-lost Uncle Sam

and none of this trite pontificating matters

let society at large go back to hell where it belongs

I too believe 'keep things as they are for the sake of the Lord'

but for me that means honoring the earth and all creatures on it

honoring it preserving it doing right by it

what kind of foolish outcast does that make me?

one that has always gone his own way and passed others

like me few and too far between

we are few and they are too many

but the earth still yields its bounty but more sparingly

as the herds graze and exhaust the land

I've always been out here and so in weary regret

sit this apocalypse out

mourning the sweetness that has passed and

praising the sweetness to come

as each with his load sinks to the earth

and our replacements duke it out in some future dispensation

Content (c) 2008-2010 Philip Milito.

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