Friday, May 7, 2010

today I'll write my masterpiece--

then leave it its own finished thing in creation--

I don't care--I've scribbled so long and all
people can do is tell me to take a hike--

well--no one likes being scolded--even if its just
fallout from another's self-whipping--

signing off on the scrambling damage--

but I don't care--I can't care--

I watch as if I stood next to myself--
double pair of eyes seeing the Parthenon fall

yet again--under the same sun of myriad scenes
arguments started in one life settled in another--

Who could covey all that? Who'd want to--

dimmer minds clamoring for an answer you don't have

but for the reality of knowing you don't know--
I'll write it today and leave it like that cat

who leaves its shit under a rock--then step away from it--
stand among those looking at it-- they saying

who's that anyway? and stand among them anonymous

saying--"ah--just another asshole with a gripe...his masterwork..."

Content (c) 2008-2010 Philip Milito.

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