Thursday, May 27, 2010

....never realized the end of the age

was going to be so zany--

pointless lives magnified and celebrated--

deaths from self-destruction or gangsters you've crossed--

flood earthquakes volcanoes

the whole list of apocalyptic stand-bys

to be clamored upon by lunatics

or ignored by right-thinking people who believe

nothing but the safety of their own bubble--

I will now take a bow and say I saw it coming

a generation ago--only to be dismissed as yet another

crank even though the calamities are unfolding around us

and we sit back at our sidewalk cafes and observe

the daily circus--each of us smug and superior to prophecy--

I imagined myself on a mountaintop watching the waves

roll in a thousand feet high at a thousand miles an hour--

even allowed myself the notion of watching my life's enemies

floating by--oh well--shut MY mouth--here I am

at ground level with all I despise and who despise me--

one of many going down for the count in this time--

the lesson finally sinking in as I regard the scurrying crowds

I sit in my window and look at the late afternoon sun

set the building facades aglow in leaning Western sunlight--

ready to call it a death--and equally

ready to call for darkness or new life or whatever's next...

Content (c) 2008-2010 Philip Milito.

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