Thursday, March 25, 2010

Today is March 25, 2010--

the only one we will have for all eternity

though patterns abide

the particulars will never be the same--

March 25, 2010--

and the last part of the day's already gone

so Dylan and the Bible inform us

and as they and all the rest of 'we' know the situation to be--


another closure another opening

on all levels simultaneously--

no wonder we never know if we're coming

or just gone--


the moment you mark the eternal

in the incidentals of this world

the moment passes--

and you're back in the world--

a crowing victory for those earth-bound hell-bound

who want your company on the way

to perdition--

only through this world do we get

to the other worlds--

some go right and some go wrong

with really nowhere else to go


on the spot I'm swallowed whole

the spot was a mouth

and I the morsel that fed its hell


now who wants to challenge

the unbreakable habits

that chain us to the wheel

of death and rebirth

(yes these things still and always will matter

despite the comfort of touch

in a solid-looking world--

despite not being a consideration

of any kind in the current discourse

of minds in the disarray of apocalypse)

I tried and a gimp of lifelong street living

shook me wake (just a word

turd) he might as well've been

God's own barking spider

conducting me to the air of acceptance

that we forget the purpose

when we are too wed to our...what?







God I can remember when such tricks were considered art


is anybody somebody

that fuels our vanity

because we are not aware

somebody is anybody


the valiant are fools

they fight for illusions that glorify themselves

in some ways like the one who creates

a danger to others so he may ride in and play hero--

what a pitifully tiny ambition

to play God and mess with the destinies of dunces


Oh hell help me help

this little rabbit got his side torn out by buckshot

before the little man in the cottage

could bid me enter and abide

at least I won't end up cooked in herbs

by a barbarian


I've lost track of everything--

a lifetime rolls away like scattered pearls

from a broken necklace--

oh Goddess damn it!


to say God or Goddess denotes the sex

of the worshipper--

the perpetual danger of projection

of our own image on the universe


bloody and pink

the moon

after a night of bloodshed--

the joys of citizenry

upholding the brief time of their ignorant triumph

against the inevitably of the ceaselessly morphing

process of coming to be and falling away--

the human race has been utterly insane

since it began walking on the earth--

insanity is our worldly condition

and the tears in heaven the tears of realization

a slap to the spiritual forehead that says

what the hell was I thinking?


Content (c) 2008-2010 Philip Milito.

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