Tuesday, May 19, 2009

It all came together    at last...

A spark in the sky
And the night opened...


Such it is for the entity in the earth--

That in order to live you must die--
Anxious and cruelly terse

In earthbound incomprehension of why--


Watch out for 
The hot old foxes--

     Even more than
The young        they will

Blow you in front
For your money

Then laugh behind your back
While they spend it


I can feel the finish line looming--

Not see it  mind you
But feel it--

Emanating invisibly as
Out a crooked tunnel
In overlay
Upon my sight--

Every step bringing me closer
To the mad last dash
And the ribbon snapped
By the hurling body--

The race with myself done
In which neither I nor myself won--
The Higher-Self-'I' taking a lesson
While lower-case 'me'

Lies paralyzed in the spent shell--
But as cheering fades and dissolves
And sight goes black
And soul peels out from completed skin--

Feeling comes to certainty--
As I go the line will trip me unawares and

I     at last   will see..


We resume  (how appropriate for a Mercury
                         and what will come will come--
Keep busy
Stay active
Do what you must and be done

It will turn out as it will--

Put your whole being in one laser focus
Of will and attention on whatever of yours is at hand

And fix the first breach that set you on your way

                      Content (c) 2008-2009 Philip Milito.                                                        

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