Friday, May 22, 2009

How blessed to be alive
In the time of the turds!


I lived through enough suffering
(Back there in my youth--during
The ending Piscean Age)

To last several lifetimes
Over the coming ages--

I'm not lovin' it...


If the old light bulb lights

And a transcendence beyond what
Can ever be imagined lifts away that detrius

I would finally be back to all
That I actually am and would never
Recognize myself...


I swamp with awareness

Including the knowledge of our
Limited worldly estate--

The mocking of Materialists
I am used to--

Yet who but an idiot would try
To tell an idiot that he's an idiot?

Being in the earth one is broken down
By others and as my buggy rolls free and careening

Down an assumption disguised as a prompting
I renounce vanity at last convinced it's a sucker's game--

I turn inward but not away--the strength to maintain
Slipping away but for the float that bobs me on waves as

Awareness swamps me...

                   Content (c) 2008-2009 Philip Milito.  All rights reserved.

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