Sunday, February 15, 2009

What is as freeing as failure?  The loss of ridiculous expectations?
The vanity of thinking you can control the elements and bring 
the Universe to your service?

If you fail, don't do anything drastic to yourself or to others...
because you've succeeded in losing an objective that wasn't
yours to have...
because you no longer have to waste more of your life chasing
someone else's Type-A (for 'Asshole') agenda or trying and trying and TRYING
insanely for a different result and call it visualizing...

If you fail, celebrate the fact that you're now free to find your own path--
your own purpose--your own life--

If you fail, you'll have defeated the power of failure
to control you...

and you must truly be an idiot if you don't get THIS!!.......

pardon me while I plot my escape
from the prison of my own making....

I believe I shall commence to put some of my finished
poem sequences on this page...for those to whom these poems
will speak--

(whatta life--to start a blog just when I've run out of things to say...)

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