Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The previous three entries were, as stated, by way of introduction.  All the content appearing in this blog is written by me, Philip Milito, and is protected, but for any passages quoted that are not mine which will receive attribution, and where possible or necessary,an acknowledgment of source.

This blog is either a catch-all or a genuine synthesis of expression, or both at once.  Intent and will determine the application--the subject matter running from poems and maxims to reflection and commentary to plain old shouts in the cyber-street about the reality of reality (metempiric, spiritual, mental, psychological, emotional, social, cultural, political, personal),
small talk and big silences, about whatever is happening at this point of time and space--
insofar as a limited human being may hope for such realization of expression.

It goes out to to those with eyes and ears to see and hear...all of us.

Enough with the grand scheme...the doing of it is so much more...immediate...


                                                  at last--a transparency
                                                  the quiet regret of age
                                                  as it wanders
                                                  the streets
                                                  rehearsing its biography

                                                  even as it no longer
                                                  can care about
                                                  the passions
                                                  that form the content
                                                  of its permanence as



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