Monday, December 15, 2008

I think it's time to engage the world--

There's so little time left for this age
And this life we've known--

And it is not I alone
Caught in the turnstile of the slow train--

I don't know what cataclysm awaits--I mean
Take your pick--nuclear terrorists--

Mutant strains--climate--earthquakes--tsunamis--
Sunspots and surges strong enough to fry eggs in the womb

And blow out worldwide electrical systems--magnetic reversals--
Planet X--Jesus--the whole percessional parade

Of human ignorance and fear and downright nasty
Creative process of creation--what does it matter

If you go out tomorrow morning and walk slam into a bus
Or go down in some cheesy real life disaster movie?

You're alive in your body until you're not--and if like me
You're not selected for preservation by the masters of the earth

Who honestly believe they'll be able to ride it out
And restart the earth with their flimsy power-mad agendas--

Then I'll be seeing you as the 1000 foot wave washes up Broadway
Carrying you--me--and mine--all of us out of our delusions

And into cold infinite truth--now--isn't that reassuring?


Yes--enough with the gnomic utterances--time for all of us to deal with each other--
One person as a time--


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