Saturday, February 7, 2015

hell doesn't end until we do

don't depend on God

God has done everything but all of it

is our fault...

yes the only expiation of sin and payment of karmic debt is

to endure the vengeance of the One...and I understand why...

any repentances amendments and atonements will never be good enough

because we lack the totally of the One

and if we can imagine what it is...that ain't it...

and since it concerns the selfishness of our egos we know (at least intellectually)

that "he who would save his life must lose it"

so we can do nothing but to endure these hells of ours...

what future hells to atone for the sins of this and previous lives

we might as well not address because we are not there yet

so this is the condition we call "human"

this is the world we've made for ourselves

and this is how we will die out and pass

and what comes next is in the hands of the unforgiving One....

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