Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Let us kill the god of our imaginations!--
That petulant projection of our selfishness--
That thug we've created in our own filthy image--
That miscreant majesty we've invented to excuse ourselves
And to interfere with the lives of others--
Our invective righteous as advantageous safety

Let us kill this devious deity--
It is he at whom we aim self-hatred as blasphemy--
It is he we curse for our stubborn failings--
It is he we blame for our ills and whom we would
Manipulate to harm and to ruin our enemies

Who invoke like their image of God for protection and victory--

Let us destroy this notion of god destroying us--

Let us do away once and for all with this evil
Keeping our minds fogged by the narcotic of stupidity
Keeping our hearts enchained to craven habits
Keeping our souls enmeshed in our puerile creations
And separated from the True One whose works
Are wrought and ruined through us and whose sufferings
Consequently are ours--

Let us peer into the Void at last and see what
We are wrought-

Let us finish with this way that only blocks the Way--

Let us kill the god of our imaginations
That we may find

*Excerpted from Wails of the Wreacca: Let Us Kill the God of Our Imaginations,
posted July 10, 2010.

Content (c) 2008-2014 Philip Milito. All rights reserved.

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