Monday, September 14, 2009

It was given me to die away
at the turning of the age--

there is so much I can rage against--and why?

no one will hear--no one will want to hear--

they're determined to die
clinging to their sad miserable lives
and dragging as many people down with them
as they can--

and all this by God's decree--

I can't make too much of this--
I've always felt I lived in the stone kingdom--

but now--even the stupidiest among see it
and cannot believe--

well--so be it--I'm close enough to death
not to give a damn--

when the world as we know it finally falls--

you'll probably find me in a topless bar--
in a back room getting jerked off (or if I'm fortunate enough
to get blown outright) by some hot little Columbian

and how appropriate that will be--since these bars are the closest
I've ever come to heaven on earth--

and fuck you in advance for your judgment on me--
I'd rather be with these beauties
than suffering the anguish of right-wing
pig-fucking crackers and their jesus of hate

or the smug self-righteous hypocrisy
of the left who boast about how socially progressive they are
while looking the other way as poor families
are driven into the street
so they can have their mc co-ops
and turn the streets into playgrounds
for their spoiled snot-nosed little bastards--

let God forgive them--they all can rot in hell--

and if God wants to send me there for not being holy and forgiving enough--

I'd rather rot in hell then serve this God of vanity and hate
who looks the other way--

this God of sloth and mendacity who does everything
but lays the blame on us--

maybe I can be wiser and stronger--
but for now--the game is played--and I say

fuck everything!

Content (c) 2008-2009 Philip Milito.

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