Saturday, December 19, 2015



fool that I be

I wake up

to my responsibility

to others and find

its another hoax

to keep us in line

by the evil world-lovers

who manipulate the Word

and destroy everything else

because the One will not lift a finger

to stop them and to help us

alone each of us must face this living horror

and find our own way out

whatever the One demands

if the lord won't help

then stop thinking of your vision of heaven

you may not get there

no matter what good you do

so ignore god and stop clinging to a desperate

frightened fear of eternal death

it is your own mind enslaving you

and it is the One who haunts your cell

and grins at you between the bars

you...each of us...who lived the illusion that

god was love....

Content (c) 2008-2015 Philip Milito.

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