Tuesday, May 14, 2013


morality's sweet song

echoes in my inner ear

accompaniment to a view

of westward leaning sun

and lengthening shade

and the parade of memories

that superimpose themselves

on a sidewalk scene

of mothers and children

and busy men at their daily toil

the old who are out of it

and the young who are really into it...

the sweet song like muzak

in the department store of life

2 for 5 and a credit card's limit

and no indication you're overdrawn

until the bill comes...

the sweet song humming over every wedding

and resonant beyond hearing

at every funeral...

morality's sweet song

sounding in my ears all my life

and I hum my counterpoint

dissonant when the scene is rough and distracted

harmonious when the summer afternoon's are sweet

and the busker's basket fills with coins...

it's all good at these times

(perhaps it's always good and it's only our own

particular instrument that needs retuning...)

and when it seems that it isn't...well...

it's then we hear our own music

and each of us is our own sweet song of morality...

Content (c) 2008-2013 Philip Milito. All rights reserved.

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