Sunday, August 21, 2011

it really is a fraud to talk about
art and religion and politics and working
for your daily bread as if they were separate things

the truth is they are all aspects of One Process
and it is only our personal nonsense
that is our own ego imaginings

that make a problem of applying what we know
to be true
this comes tough hard for an old dog like me

who for all his spiritual pretensions
would look for the golden opportunity
to seize to grasp to hold and be inflamed

by success or passion or entitlement to a reward
even while I knew better while I knew differently
because everything in life is a fraud

the idea that you could be a master of the universe
in whatever field whether plain old power
or sexual conquest or whatever it is we need

to oppress another to get what we want
it 's all crap it's all ego it's all death
and the pain of knowing on top of whatever

others might say
that you're nuts you're crazy you've been alone too long
the actual Truth is a reality beyond all our scheming

and will reward or punish us according
to our true righteousness
it is hard to maintain this truth in the earth

where all is delusion and gratification of ego
even among those who think they are right
with God

I cannot contain this fullness of awareness
I feel like I'm going to explode at any instant
because God leaves us to suffer own path

pay for our own transgressions
do what we do to be as Dylan said
'something more than something we invest in'

yes nothing we've known applies any longer
everything is finally breaking down
and even your Plan B 's are no longer dependable

everything's on the table
all the cards are spread out
and now we walk it like we talk it or pay heavily

a price none of us can really afford in earthly terms
unless we are willing to accept our price accept our fate accept
our duplicity in the snares of perfection

and own up
and whatever comes of it comes of it
because a Heart greater than ours

will soothe us
if this isn't so that truly nothing matters
but as tough as God's Love is

it is merciful
if you believe there's nothing after this life
then nothing is what you'll get and you'll miss nothing

if you believe Life is Eternal
then that is your track
and you will continue

even if the way forward looks like God
messing with you every inch of the way
as long as you're alive there is no death

so be true to your work your spouse
even your whore if that's the case
we're all in this together

and it's all of us or none of us make it
and for those who are hell-bent on domination
pity or pray for them

because God had the last word on everyone and everything
if you believe life is nothing but dog-eat-dog
then that is how you'll die and die out

if you believe in God's Love (ego and agape)
then you will follow
adventure after adventure

until the final approach to God sees you
clean and absolved and ready for your place
in the Permanent

I have no faith in this earthly time
of even coming on to that perfection
I'm too busy worrying all I've done or should have done

may I and all who are at this level
learn surrender upon our acceptance
may we finally be shown at least

the way out of this earthly suffering
that is murderous illusion
to all who wish to transcend but cannot

because of their false creeds and easy beliefs
God gives us enough rope every chance we get
may we finally wise up and know

it doesn't have to be this way...

Content (c) 2008-2011 Philip Milito.

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