Thursday, September 9, 2010

enslaved to our limited imaginations

we take the injunction that we are God

as yet another illusion driving the pure

forgotten soul into its own flesh tomb

of hubris and hunger

oh yes we are God

joined to God in our essence

but our worldly consciousness destroys

that truth in its vanity and its ambition

and that is why humanity kills itself

in search of a Light it would not recognize

except in each soul's end of earthly term

when the whole misguided throb of souls in action

is stilled in war and a flicker of awareness see Light

subsuming the world and leaving it in its place

in the ecology of the infinite

the perfection of which we despair of achieving

the perfection that is required

all in one's own time

do these things awaken alert and keenly keyed

the entity most alive in matter when all the force of creation

pivots on that one's ultimate act of forgiveness

I address no one

because each in his heart knows his time

when he must relinquish his ego

and drop his mistaken sense of godliness

when he remembers who he truly is

then will he be one with the One

and of that I speak I sing I emanate

imaginations freed to the custodianship of acquiescence

Content (c) 2008-2010 Philip Milito.

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